The Johnny Cash Phenomenon and a “New” Album


Last month, fans of the late Johnny Cash celebrated what would have been his 82 birthday. Tribute bands like Cash’d Out, One More Round, the Mighty Cash Cats, and the Walking Phoenixes played Cash bashes all over the country. On March 25, they’ll have another reason to celebrate. The Cash estate is releasing “Out Among the Stars”, an album he recorded in the early 1980’s that was never released.

The Cash estate is home to an extensive collection of Cash family archives. Son, John Carter Cash didn’t find the material until late last year. Selections from the album are taken from 1981 and ’84 sessions; a time when country music was entering its ‘Urban Cowboy’ phase. Pop country was what people wanted to hear and Cash was not that. Record company executives were not impressed with the recordings, so the public never got to hear them.

Cash’s popularity waned for years until he teamed up with record producer Rick Rubin and recorded and released American Recordings in 1997. A mix of Cash acoustic originals and cover songs, the new album introduced CASH to a new and younger audience. Rubin’s record label released a total of six Cash albums—winning multiple Grammy Awards and gold and platinum record distinctions. Two of the records were released after Cash’s passing.

Johnny Cash was always uniquely himself. He never altered his sound to suit pop culture’s ever changing taste. And now, the world has again come to appreciate his music— delving past the Rick Rubin era—deeper into the Cash discography. “Every year since his passing in 2003, my Dad’s legacy becomes more ingrained in our collective conscious. The Johnny Cash Museum in Tennessee, the movies, the biographies, the postage stamp, the bike trail at Folsom, the tribute acts, they’re all memories of my Dad.” said daughter, Cindy Cash. For the last 4 years, the local Ventura resident has helped produce the Roadshow Revival—A Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash, one of the biggest tribute festivals on the West Coast. Held at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Father’s Day weekend, the Event features Outlaw Country and Rockabilly music, Johnny Cash tribute acts, a Johnny Cash Memorabilia Gallery, car and bike show, pin up pageant, and vendors selling Cash related merchandise. Cash was a resident of Ventura County for much of the 60’s (he and his family lived just north of Ventura in Casitas Springs), so it’s only fitting that a Festival for the “Man in Black” take place in the town he lived in.

The legacy of Johnny Cash continues, stronger than ever, with a new album, and right here in Ventura County.

Check out the Roadshow Revival website and save up to 35% off tickets to the Jonny Cash Tribute Festival at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on June 14, 2014 with promo code: RSR2014B. First 1,000 tickets only.

Buy/listen to “Out Among the Stars” at

Watch new Johnny Cash video “She Used to Love me A lot” on youtube.


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