PIn Up Pageant MC Ivy D’Muerta and the Rachel Rule


The Roadshow Revival is proud to announce—the lovely Ivy D’Muerta will be the Master of Ceremonies at this year’s Roadshow Revival Pin-Up Pageant.

A little bit about this complex beauty:

Beside modeling, TV, and Radio work Ivy is working on her degree in Physics. In entertainment Ivy’s work is to break the stereotype of tattooed people showing that tattooed skin is just art, and should not limit the work of an individual based on another’s judgment. Ivy aims to continue her work in television and modeling by playing roles that are not typically granted for tattooed individuals.

Ivy collaborates actively for the charities Keep A Breast, Dame Life, Bowtie Cause and Sweethearts Salute. In 2012 Ivy worked alongside NASA and Hitachi for their Children’s Outreach program to teach grade school children the importance of Science and using equipment such as Electronic Microscopes.

When Ivy is not working around the clock you can find her escaping to the wilds of the Sierra Nevada’s backpacking for days on end. An avid outdoors enthusiast and a bit of an adrenaline lover she also skydives, rock climbs, practices Muay Thai, attends metal shows avidly and accepts most challenges that bring her out of her comfort zone. Classical Music, reading, and staying active, healthy and happy are what fuels her daily life.

2013 Roadshow Revival Pin-Up Contest

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The Rachel Rule

Carlos Avila spending time with his beautiful daughters

Carlos Avila spending time with his beautiful daughters

By Carlos Avila, Roadshow Revival Pin-Up Producer

Let me tell you about the Rachel rule. Way back when I was asked to do the RSR pageant in 2012, I sought input from a contestant’s perspective. Rachel and I sat for what seemed like a hour but was almost 2 1/2 hours long. We chatted about the dress code, participation, expectations blah blah blah… At the end I asked if there was anything else she’d like to say. She said (& if you know her in her nice voice) “Can you make sure there’s no cattiness?” Instantly her face changed and followed up with “That was stupid of me to ask, you can’t guarantee that”. Well I can’t but I really took that into consideration at every event I’ve been a part of since. So please ladies, let’s treat each other with the same respect you would want from each other. No I can’t prevent it but please consider this; some of you compete to win, some to have fun and some just to have their chance to shine. Whatever your reason to be a part of this please take the hidden ‘Rachel Rule’ into account and let everyone have their chance to have fun. And no I haven’t seen any nor have been told of any so let’s keep it real peeps.

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