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2015 Roadshow Revival Merchandise by artist extroidinare Angela Rivera

The Roadshow Revival would like to introduce you to Angela Rivera our featured artist at this year’s Festival. She’s attended our Event since 2010 and once again,  done a fantastic job illustrating her love for Johnny CASH and the Roadshow Revival.

Angela: I’m a kustom-lowbrow art & craft nerd based in Huntington Beach, California.

As an artist, I’m very versatile with my mediums and hands-on with my creations, but my main weapons of choice is my pencil and my COMPUTER. I love to create detailed illustrations and designs that are genuine and true to my off-beat, quirky, slightly darker aesthetic.

With an EDUCATED background in Fine Arts, Photography and Graphic Design, my skills range from digital to traditional illustration, PRINT DESIGN and apparel design, I’m aspiring to “Do My Own Thing”…start my own creative home decor/home accessories biz 😉

I’m inspired by the Surf/Vintage Tiki Culture, Tattoo art and Enthusiast, Music(Rockabilly, Punk, Rock, Indie, Surf…Etc..), Low Brow and Kustom/Hot Rod Kulture.

I love to work with like-minded people, and learn new traits to benefit my abilities. I am currently available for commissioned artwork, so feel FREE TOtake a gander at what I can do or get in touch:

My twitter and Instagram handles are:
My Skateshop:

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Why did the Roadshow Revival Move to Mission Park?

Site map for the 2015 Roadshow Revival

Site map for the 2015 Roadshow Revival

We got a chance to talk to Roadshow Revival Event Producer Ross Emery and ask him a few questions about the venue change. Here’s what he had to say.

Why did you move from the Fairgrounds to Mission Park?

The six years at the Fairgrounds were great. They took good care of us there. But the business model just wasn’t sustainable. Talent like the Reverend Horton Heat and Billy Joe Shaver don’t come cheap. I’ve lost some money doing this event and I just couldn’t of done it the same way another year. I almost called it quits last year, but pulled it together and pushed through at the last minute. I feel like the Roadshow Revival is that kid who just finished college who needs to venture off on his own and make his way in the world. And I think Mission Park is a great location for that. There’s lots of grass, shade, mission style architecture and fountains. Add the city lot and the Knights of Columbus Hall and you’ve got ample space to accommodate our signature attractions. It’s also situated so all of our local and out of town guest can enjoy all the great things Downtown Ventura has to offer.

Why do a two day festival?

I’m a musician myself (Ross has played drums in local band Raging Arb and the Redhead for thirty years) and a big fan of music and just couldn’t slot all the bands I thought would be a great fit for the Roadshow in a one day Festival. And I wanted to give our out of town guests a good reason to get a hotel and spend the weekend enjoying the beach and all the great shops and restaurants in Downtown Ventura. It also gives our vendors more opportunity to sell their goods.

If this event hasn’t been financially successful, what keeps you coming back to it? 

I really enjoy working with the community, my friends, my daughters, and my brother Toby our creative director. It takes a big team to put something like this together and it’s just such a blessing to share it with the people you love. Seeing the smiles on all of our attendees faces and knowing that our hard work had something to do with it is something I look forward to every year.