Help Us Name our Johnny Cash Tribute Soda

Name our Johnny Cash Tribute Soda

Name our Johnny Cash Tribute Soda

He was named J. R. Cash because his parents could not think of a name. When Cash enlisted in the Air Force, they wouldn’t let him use initials as his name, so he started to use the legal name John R. Cash. In 1955, when signing with Sun Records, he took Johnny Cash as his stage name.

We’ve partnered up with Rocket Fizz in Ventura to create a Johnny Cash tribute soda, and just like Johnny’s parents, we’re having a hard time coming up with a name for it (we can’t all be as creative as Johnny). We have a few flavors to choose from, so let your imagination run wild.

If you have any ideas, leave a comment on the bottom. If we use yours, you’ll win a six pack of soda and a Roadshow Revival goody bag redeemable at the Festival. Get your tickets now. 35% off with promo code RSR2014B This Month only!


37 responses to “Help Us Name our Johnny Cash Tribute Soda

  1. Sue Soda!

  2. A Soda Named Sue

  3. Ring of fire

  4. “Better Times Will Come” Root Beer

  5. Duh…Sue Soda or Boy Named Sue, Soda Named Sue, Cash Cola

  6. Roadshow Refreshment

    Roadshow Refizz

    Johnny Pop

  7. Della Coalwell

    Ring of Fire sounds like a great name.

  8. Cash Cat Cola
    Folsom Black Cherry Cola

  9. Folsom Prison Pruno

  10. Came up with two possibilities. “I Walk the Lime” Soda. Or maybe “Orange Soda Special”. Depends on the flavor I guess. Thanks.

  11. folsom fizzon (play off folsom prison that also pays homage to rocket fizz.)

  12. Diane Von Heyneman

    Johnny & June Crush ❤️

  13. folsom fizzon (play on folsom prison that pays homage to rocket fizz)

  14. Diane Von Heyneman

    Johnny & June Cash Crush

  15. Kelsey T. Morgan

    Lime flavor: Walk The Lime

    Cashed Cola

    JR Cola

    Johnny’s Taste

    John and June’s Love Juice

  16. I can fly to Hawaii for the cost of two tickets to the Roadshow. Gone several years and you are just too expensive across the board.

  17. A Boy Named Sue, would make a great name for a soda pop.

  18. Soda named Sue or Sue Soda

  19. I’d recommend “A Can Named Sue” but it’s a bottle… So “Mangy Dog” might be good… Or “Lonesome Whistle”. I think “Lonesome Whistle” is what I’d go with.

  20. The Soda in Black, Folsom Cola, Burning Flame, Cash Cola, Rockabilly Bubble Soda, One Drink at a Time Soda?

  21. you can name it: ‘Where’s the whiskey soda?’

  22. Take your Pick…
    -Big River of Cherry Cola
    -Man in Black Licorice Soda
    -Beautiful Memphis Mud Pie
    -Ring of Fire Rocket Fuel
    -Cry, Cry, Cry or Hard Time Comin’ Green Apple Jalapeno
    -Always on my Mind Blue Cream Soda
    -Walk the Line Watermelon (or Wintergreen)
    -Beans for Breakfast or Banana Nut Soda
    -Boy Named Sue Loves Cotton Candy
    -Jackson Peach Soda

  23. String Break soda. Instead of taking a spring break take a string break ( guitar strings that is )

  24. Cash Done Gone
    Rhythm Revival
    Cash o’ Pop
    Get Revivin’
    Quench n Cash
    Carter n Cash Cola
    Cash Cream

  25. Folsom Fizzin’

  26. Francisco Bracho

    The Man in Black Cola (or The Man & Black Cola)
    I Walk the Lime

  27. Michelle borjas

    Fizzy Folsom Pop

  28. -Walk the Lime
    -Folsom Prison Peach

  29. I propose a “hot” Root Beer (Sarsaparilla), with the name of “Ring of Fire”!
    Or, how about a “near beer” called “I Walk The Line”? Well, just throwing that one in there. 😉

  30. Mary Kay Fuhlrodt

    Folsom Fizz
    Walk the Line
    Lonesome Whisle

  31. Whenever I did something good as a little girl, dad would say, ‘Well, that’s might fine, baby’…..So I like the name,
    Mighty Fine Soda!
    Cindy Cash

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